HOS Plant Show 2018

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The 2018 HOS Plant Show was held during the Spring Meeting at Kidlington. Photographs of the first placed plants follow. Enlarged images can be viewed by placing the cursor over thumbnails. You may need to wait for this function to fully load after the page is visible.

The full results list can be viewed as a .pdf by clicking here

Class 2: Three pots native European (not native to Britain) orchids, distinct varieties
Barry Tattersall
Ophrys balearica
Neotinea lactea
Oprhys sitiaca

Class 3: Three pots non-European hardy orchids, distinct varieties
Michael Powell
Cypripedium formasanum
Pleione grandiflora
Cymbidium goeringii

Class 4: Three pots hardy orchids, distinct varieties, any country of origin
Barry Tattersall
Anacamptis boryi
Serapias neglecta × lingua
Ophrys vernixia

Class 5: One pot native British orchid
Barry Tattersall

Anacamptis laxiflora

Class 6: One pot native European (not native to Britain) orchid
Barry Tattersall
Orchis brancifortii
Best in Show Trophy

Class 7: One pot native European (not native to Britain) orchid
Barry Tattersall
Pterostylis nutans

Class 8: One pot Dactylorhiza
Barry Tattersall
Dactyloriza romana

Class 9: One pot Orchis, Anacamptis or Neotinea
Barry Tattersall
Orchis italica

Class 10: One pot Ophrys
Barry Tattersall
Ophrys bombyliflora

Class 11: One pot Serapias
Michael Powell
Serapias neglecta × orientalis × neglecta

Class 12: One pot Cypripedium
Mike Powell
Cypripedium formosanum
Class 13: One pot Calanthe
Malcolm Brownsward
Calanthe tsoogiana
Class 14: One pot Pleione
Malcolm Brownsward
Pleione grandiflora “cream”

Class 15: One plant or pan of plants raised from seed by the grower
John Haggar
Ophrys fusca × reinholdii
Chairman's Trophy

Winner of Best in Show Trophy - Barry Tattersall
Winner of RHS Banksian Medal - Barry Tattersall
Winner of Chairman's Trophy - Barry Tattersall
Winner of Most Points Trophy - Barry Tattersall

Thanks to Nick Fry for judging the Plant Show

Photography by Jon Evans