HOS Plant Show 2012

Class 2: Three pots native European (not native to Britain) orchids, distinct varieties
Barry Tattersall

Anacamptis boryi × papilionacea
Serapias bergonii
Ophrys candica

Class 3: Three pots non-European hardy orchids, distinct varieties
Malcolm Brownsword

Pleione Shantung "Ducat"
Pleione "Piton"
Pleione Alishan "Merlin"

Class 5: One pot native British orchid

Barry Tattersall

Class 6: One pot native European (not native to Britain) orchid
Alan Blackman

Anacamptis laxiflora
Serapias albia × Anacamptis morio

Class 7: One pot non-European hardy orchid
Andrew Bannister

Class 9: One pot Orchis, Anacamptis or Neotinea
Richard Manuel

Satyrium coriifolium
Anacamptis papilionacea

Class 11: One pot Serapias
Barry Tattersall

Class 12: One pot Cypripedium
Barry Tattersall

Serapias ×godferyi
"Best in Show" Trophy
Cypripedium fasciolatum

Class 13: One pot Calanthe
Malcolm Brownsword

Class 14: One pot Pleione
Malcolm Brownsword

Calanthe Tanake hybrid
Pleione formosana "Snowcap"

Winner of Best in Show Trophy - Barry Tattersall
Winner of RHS Banksian Medal - Barry tattersall

Thanks to Brian Walker for judging the Plant Show

Photography by Mike Gasson

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