Orchid Photograph Galleries
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These pages provide photographs of orchids found within Britain & Ireland are are intended as an aid to their identification. The image galleries include photogaphs of habitats, whole plants and close-ups and to ease navigation the pages are divided into a small number of groups as follows. Click on the group links to enter the galleries. Gallery images enlarge on "mouse over" and close on "mouse off". More detailed species information and more photographs are provided via individual species pages opened via the orchid name links below the gallery header. These pages can also be opened via links within the relevant photo gallery. At this time all species pages and some galleries are available. Galleries will be completed shortly.

Orchis Gallery

Anacamptis & Neotinea Gallery


Dactylorhiza Gallery

Cephalanthera Gallery

Epipactis Gallery

Spiranthes, Goodyera & Neottia Gallery

Other Orchids Gallery