The Hardy Orchid Society (HOS) promotes the conservation, cultivation, scientific study and sustainable enjoyment of the wild orchids of Britain, Europe and other temperate regions. HOS supports safeguarding wild orchid populations and preserving wild habitats for the benefit of present and future generations. The Hardy Orchid Society Conservation Grants aim to encourage communities to incorporate orchid conservation work into their environmental initiatives by contributing a small sum to help protect and enhance wild orchids and their habitats. We plan to announce the award of one or more grants to a total value of up to £1,000 within four weeks of the funding round closing date, which for 2022 is July 31st.


Successful applicants must agree to providing HOS with annual updates on progress until project work has been completed and a final summary of results has been submitted. Projects achieving good results may be recognised with an Award, and a HOS plaque may be provided for display on the site.

Application Guidelines

The Application Form asks for details about the applicant, affiliation, contact, site location and the amount requested (maximum £1,000). This should be accompanied by a project outline. All decisions taken by HOS are final.

Application and Application Form

Applications should be made in electronic form only and should include a completed Application Form together with a description of the proposed project. This should be in the form of a separate document in a digital form (pdf or Word) of one to two pages using a font no smaller than Calibri or Times Roman 12pt. This should address the following elements.

In addition include at least one photograph of the site (no more than five) and if possible an illustrative map of the proposed project site.


Make sure to include the following in your application: