Orchid Books 

The following list of orchid books, compiled by Simon Tarrant, is relevant to the interests of the Hardy Orchid Society. An interesting personal perspective on orchid books by Keith Fry was published in the Journal of the Hardy Orchid Society (JHOS) in October 2011 [Click here to view article as a .pdf file]. In addition, JHOS carries regular reviews of recently published orchid books and some of these are available as .pdf files that can be accessed via links within the following list.

This list is just a selection of the available orchid books. If there is something not listed here that you would like to recommend do send details to the website manager. The list is divided into categories that can be selected by using the internal links. Within each category, books are listed alphabetically by author's surname. Some of the older titles are out of print but may be obtainable in second-hand bookshops.




Britain & Ireland

Allen, Brian and Woods, Patrick
Wild Orchids of Scotland
HMSO, 1993, ISBN 0 11 494246 3
The definitive work on Scottish orchids, lavishly illustrated with photographs by Sidney Clarke.
Out of print, may be available from major Internet suppliers


Creed, Peter and Hudson, Rachel
A Guide to Finding Orchids in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire
Pisces Publications, 2013 ISBN978 1 874357 57 5
Pocket guide with photographs of every species occurring in the three counties, published in conjunction with BBOWT (Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust).
Available from BBOWT - price £5.95


Curtis,Tom & Thompson, Robert
The Orchids of Ireland

National Museums of Northern Ireland
ISBN 0 900761 50 4
Reviewed in JHOS 6 [3]: 85 (2009) Click here to view .pdf


Foley, Michael & Clarke, Sidney
Orchids of the British Isles
Griffen Press, 2005 ISBN 0 9541916 1 7
A splendid book which is both a comprehensive and informative guide and enjoyable to read. 
Reviewed in JHOS 2 [4]: 126 (2005) Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £42.50


Harrap, Anne and Simon
Orchids of Britain and Ireland: a field and Site Guide.
2nd ed. A & C Black, 2009 ISBN 978 1 4081 0571 9
Definitive field guide for British orchids with an extensive selection of sites where orchids may be found.
Reviewed in JHOS 6 [3]: 84 (2009) Click here to view .pdf
First Edition reviewed in JHOS 2 [4]: 128 (2005) Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £18


Jenkinson, Martin N
Wild Orchids of Dorset
Orchid Sundries, 1991, ISBN 1 873035 02 0
A species-by-species account of the orchids of Dorset, with distribution maps and photographs by the author.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £10.50


Jenkinson, Martin N
Wild Orchids of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
Orchid Sundries, 1995, ISBN 1 873035 03 9
A species-by-species account of the orchids of Hampshire and the IoW, with distribution maps and photographs by the author.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £32


Kitchen, Ann
An Atlas and Guide to the Orchids of the Arnside & Silverdale AONB
Bittern Countryside Community Interest Company, 2013 (No ISBN)
Detailed guide to the orchids occurring in a very localised area of Cumbria and Lancashire, with colour photographs and distribution maps.
Available via the Arnside & Silverdale AONB website: www.arnsidesilverdaleaonb.org.uk - price £2.50 plus postage


Lang, David
Britain’s Orchids
Wildguides, 2004, ISBN 1 903657 06 7
Attractive format to assist the novice to identify a given species in the field, but nomenclature does not reflect recent DNA-supported revisions.
Reviewed in JHOS 2 [1]: 22 (2005) Click to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £12


Lang, David
Wild Orchids of Sussex
Pomegranate Press, 2001, ISBN 0 9533493 3 0
A highly readable book providing much background information on orchids, the habitats found in Sussex and botanical characters of the area. The 33 species are all superbly illustrated, with distribution maps based on 2 km squares.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £10.50


Lock, Mick and Wills, Martin
Wild Orchids in the South of England
MLP Publications, 1993
This private publication details the orchid species occurring in the south, with site records from four locations over recent years.


Sanford, Martin
The Orchids of Suffolk : an Atlas and History
Suffolk Naturalists Society, 1991, ISBN 0 9508154 3 8
As well as detailed information and illustrations of the present-day orchids of Suffolk, the historical slant maps the decline in species and populations over the last century.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £11


Sayers, Brendan & Sex, Susan
Ireland’s Wild Orchids: a Field Guide
Published by the authors, 2009, no ISBN
Species-by-species account of all Irish orchids, with distribution maps (to vice-county level), beautifully illustrated by Susan Sex’s paintings. Designed very much as a field guide, printed on waterproof Polyart material with ring binding and including a magnifier and a ruler.
Review in JHOS 6 [3]: 83 (2009) Click here to view .pdf
Available from www.orchidireland.ie - target price 35 euros


Summerhayes, V S
Wild Orchids Of Britain (New Naturalist Series No. 19)
2nd ed. Collins, 1968
A much-respected classic describing British and Irish orchids in detail, with photographs and distribution maps.
Out of Print - may be available from major Internet suppliers or try Ebay - target price £16


Turner Ettlinger, D M
Notes on British and Irish Orchids
Published by the author, 1997, ISBN 0 9530380 0 9


Turner Ettlinger, D M
Illustrations of British and Irish Orchids
Published by the author, 1998, ISBN 0 9530380 1 7
These two books in A5 format together tell the story of wild orchids in Britain and Ireland. The first provides 150 pages of text including every British species, with descriptions, distribution, habitat, flowering period and variations encountered. The second is devoted to over 500 excellent photographs - the product of the author's lifetime hobby. Impressively comprehensive, it forms a valuable guide to field identification since the range of variation of each species is so well illustrated.
Out of Print


Woods, Patrick and Bates, Mary
Field Key to Wild Orchids of Scotland
HMSO, 1993, ISBN 0 11 495105 5
Field key to accompany Allen and Woods.
Out of print, may be available from major Internet suppliers


General Guides to European Orchids

Baumann, Helmut and Kunkele, Siegfried
Die wildwachsenden Orchideen Europas
Kosmos, 1988, ISBN 3 440 05829 8
A compact pocket book, with excellent photographs and brief descriptions of nearly 300 species and sub-species. (In German).
Out of print, may be available from major Internet suppliers


Buttler, Karl Peter
Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe
Crowood, 1991, ISBN 1 85223 591 8
English translation from the original German of a detailed identification guide, fully illustrated in colour.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £13


Claessens, Jean and Kleynen, Jacques
The Flower of the European Orchid: Form and Function
Published by the authors, 2011, ISBN 978 90 9025556 9
Detailed accounts and superb photography of European orchids and their pollinators - a celebration of the flowers of European orchids.
Reviewed in JHOS 8 [4]: 135 (2011) Click here to view .pdf
Available from www.europeanorchids.com - target price 72.50 euros


Davies, Paul Harcourt; Davies, Jenne and Huxley, Anthony
Wild Orchids of Britain and Europe
Hogarth, 1988, ISBN 0 7012 0820 1
The essential field guide to European orchids when published. Includes a country by country guide to orchid opportunities and many small colour photographs.
Out of print


Delforge, Pierre
Orchids of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
3rd ed. Christopher Helm, 2006, ISBN 978 0 7136 7525 2
Logically structured use of text and photographs to present data makes this a convenient field guide, but DNA-supported revisions of family grouping are inconsistently applied.
Reviewed in JHOS 4 (45): 101 Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £20


The Rest of Europe

Bournerias, M and Prat, D
Les Orchidées de France, Belgique et Luxembourg
2nd ed. Biotope, 2005, ISBN 2 914817 11 8
Superbly produced with clear species descriptions, good distribution maps and attractive photographs. In French.
Reviewed in JHOS 3 [2]: 60 (2006) Click here to view .pdf
Available from the Société Française d'Orchidophilie (www.sfo-asso.com) - target price 52 euros


Christofides, Yiannis
The Orchids of Cyprus
Published by the author, 2001, ISBN 9963 8542 0 6
Written and photographed by a native of the island. Full descriptions of all species found in Southern (Greek) Cyprus, with flowering times and general descriptions of orchid locations. Excellent photography throughout.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £20


Démares, Michel
Atlas des Orchidées Sauvages de Haute-Normandie
SFO, 1997, ISBN 2 905734 08 6
Lavishly presented descriptions of the orchids of the Seine-Maritime and Eure departments. In French.
Out of print


Dusak, Francois and Pernot, Pascal
Les Orchidées Sauvages d’Ile de France
Biotope, 2002, ISBN 2 9510379 4 5
Detailed descriptions, distribution maps and photographs species-by-species following DNA-supported revisions. In French
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £43.50


Orchidee d’Italia

Il Castello, c2009, ISBN 978 88 8039 891 2
A comprehensive reasonably-priced work produced under the auspices of GIROS (the Italian native orchid society). A very good book, slightly let down by the quality of reproduction of some of the photographs.
Review in JHOS 7 [1]: 33 (2010) Click here to view .pdf
Available from GIROS (www.giros.it) or Il Castello (www.ilcastelloeditore.it)
target price 24 euros


Gottlander, Karin
Orchids of Gotland
Gotlands Naturmuseum, 1997
List of the 36 species or varieties of orchid occurring on the Swedish island of Gotland, with map of some key sites.
May be available from the Museum


Guérin, Jean-Claude and others
Orchidées de Poitou-Charentes et de Vendée
Biotope, 2007, ISBN 2 914817 23 3
Detailed guide to orchids in that region with photographs and identification key and suggested orchid walks. In French.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £41.00


Hubbard, Joan and Scraton, Pamela
The Orchids of Cyprus and where to find them
Published by the authors, 2001, ISBN 9963 8615 0 4
This wire-bound pocket book, which comes complete with a two hour video tape, is aimed more at "flower hunters" than botanists. Useful features include calendars of flower times plus descriptions of a few good locations in the Southern (Greek) part of Cyprus. The main weakness of this book is the colour pictures which are mere "thumbnails", but the video more than compensates for this.
Out of print, may be available from major Internet suppliers


Jouandoudet, Frank
A la découverte des Orchidées Sauvages d’Aquitaine
Biotope, 2004, ISBN 2 914818 00 2
Detailed descriptions, distribution maps and photographs species-by-species ignoring DNA-supported revisions. Includes some suggested itineraries. In French
Out of print - may be available from Biotope


Kretzschmar, Horst; Kretzschmar, Gisela and Eccarius, Wolfgang
Orchideen auf Rhodos
H Kretzschmar, 2001
Excellent colour photography, with several pictures and distribution maps of each species, makes this an excellent field guide to the orchids of Rhodes. In German.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £65


Kreutz, C A J
The Orchids of Cyprus
Published by the author, 2002, ISBN 90-806626-3-1
Try Summerfield Books or CyprusKreutz@kliksafe.nl
Reviewed in JHOS 2 [4]: 127 (2005) Click here to view .pdf


Kreutz, C A J
Feldfuhrer Deutsche Orchideen
Published by the author, 2002, ISBN 90-806626-2-3 
A comprehensive field guide to the orchids of Germany and their habitats. Each species has a two-page spread with two excellent photographs - whole plant and close-up. Excellent indexes. In German.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £49


Kreutz, C A J
The Orchids of Rhodes and Karpathos
Published by the author, 2002, ISBN 90 805149 2 6
A large and sumptuous book, with several photographs of each of the 73 species described, which includes many "new" ones. Distribution maps based on a 1 km UTM grid are also included. An excellently produced volume, but definitely not for the pocket! In English & German.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £82


Kreutz, C A J
Die Orchideen der Turkei
Published by the author, 1998, ISBN 90 901130 7 X
Tthis magnificent tome is not a field guide, but provides a most authoritative and comprehensive review of the orchids of Turkey. Over 1300 colour prints are used to illustrate the 148 species, their variations and their habitats. Excellent distribution maps, based on 10 km squares, summarise the status of each species. In German.
Out of print


Molnár, Atila V.
Magyarország Orchideáinak Atlasza (Orchid Atlas of Hungary)

Kossuth Kiadó, Budapest
ISBN 978 963 09 6694 8
Review in JHOS 9 [1]: 11 (2012) Click here to view .pdf


Parker, Sue
Wild Orchids of the Algarve: how, when and where to find them

Published by First Nature 2014
ISBN 978-0-9560544-8-7
Hardback 128pp £18-50 from http://www.first-nature.com/books/index.php

Click here for a .pdf book review


Petrou, Nikos; Petrou, Maria and Giannakoulias, Marios
Orchids of Greece
Koan, 2011, ISBN 978 960 789595 0
Rigorous orchid flora of Greece, user-friendly, engaging, published in English
Review in JHOS 9 [3]: 91 (2012) Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £89


Pikner, Tarmo
Eesti Orhideed [Estonian Orchids]
Varrak, 2013 ISBN 978-9985-2621-3
Detailed account in Estonian of every species occurring there. Excellent photography throughout.
Review in JHOS 10 [3]: 92 (2013) Click here to view .pdf
Available from www.varrak.ee - target price 17 euros plus postage


Ratini, Pino
Orchidee Regine dei Fiori : A Guide to the Indigenous Species in Umbria

Review in JHOS 6 [2]: 69 (2009) Click here to view .pdf


Reinhard, Hans R and others
Die Orchideen der Schweiz und angrenzender Gebiete
Fotoratar, 1991, ISBN 3 905647 01 0
Details of the orchids of Switzerland and neighbouring regions, beautifully illustrated. In German.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £87


Rossini, Angela & Quitadamo, Giovanni
Orchidee Spontanee nel Parca del Gargano
Published in 2003 Claudio Grenzi Editore; in Italian
Try giovanni@orchideedelgargano.it
Reviewed in JHOS 1 [4]: 113 (2004) Click to view .pdf


Souche, Remy
Les Orchidées Sauvages de France Grandeur Nature

Les Créations Pelican 2004 ISBN 2-7191-0642-9
Review in JHOS 3 [2]: 61 (2006) Click here to view .pdf


Souche, Remy & Romolini, Rolando
Ophrys d'Italia
La Société té Occitane d'Orchidologie
ISBN 978 2 9 918075 02 8
Available from www.ophryshybrides.com
Review in JHOS 10 [2]: 68 (2013) Click here to view .pdf


Taylor, Mike
Illstrated Checklist: Orchids of Chios, Inouses & Psara
Pelineo Editions
ISBN 960 88202 2 7
Review in JHOS 4 [1]: 19 (2007) Click here to view .pdf


North America

Brown, Paul Martin
Wild Orchids of the North-eastern United States: a Field Guide
Comstock, 1997, ISBN 0 8014 8341 7
230 pages packed with information, photos, drawings and distribution maps for all the orchids that have been found in the seven states in the north-eastern corner of the USA. The chapter entitled "When and where do we find orchids", plus the addresses of conservation organisations, should be particularly helpful to visitors.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £22.50 


Keenan, Philip E
Wild Orchids across North America: a Botanical Travelogue
Timber Press, 2005, ISBN 0 88192 720 1
A magnificently illustrated guide in a very original style. Not a field guide, but a surpisingly informative and comprehensive account of North American orchids in their habitats.
Reviewed in JHOS 3 [1]: 29 (2006) Click here to view .pdf


The Rest of the World

Bishop, Tony
Field Guide to the Orchids of New South Wales and Victoria
UNSW Press  ISBN 0 86840 375 X

This 258 pages book contains a very good detailed description of each species along with information on distribution and habitat, identification, and distinguishing features and information on similar species.  A photograph of each species is contained in a centre section of the book. Some photographs are not detailed enough for identification, but it is still a useful reference book if orchid hunting in S.E. Australia.


Hagsater, Eric & others
Orchids of Mexico

Instituto Chinoin, Mexico City
ISBN 968-7889-08-X
Reviewed in JHOS 3 [3]: 76 (2006) Click here to view .pdf


Jones, D L
Native Orchids of Australia
Reed Books, Chatswood, NSW, 1998, ISBN 0 7301 0189 4
A one man tour de force with stunning colour photographs and line drawings, and plenty of cultural information.
May be available from major Internet suppliers - target price £58


Jones, David L.
A Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia Including the Island Territories
New Holland Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd. 2002  ISBN 9781877069123

This 496 page large book still causes controversy. The author has completely revised the taxonomy of Australian Orchids.  The text provides descriptions, distributions, habitats and notes on all Australian Orchids.  However, the author has completely revised the genera and specific level of the orchids which has not generally been widely accepted by the botanical and scientific community either here or overseas. The information and photographs are very good and the book as a whole is an excellent well produced reference book. The biggest let-down is the frustrating index. If one looks up the name of of an orchid it gives the name of the author's "New" name for the orchid, which one then has to go and search for before getting a page number.  Even then, the Author has not included synonyms, "traditional' or 'old' names in the text for any of the 1304 taxa included.  The splitting of so many genera and species and the creation of so many new genera and species, without cross-referencing does not make for easy use.  However, the book is a worthwhile addition to ones library for the enthusiast as the information for each entry and the photos are extremely useful.


Liddelow, Bob
A guide to the Native Orchids of South Western Australia
R & R Publications Australia Pty Ltd. ISBN 0 9587532 4 5

This 210 pages book is a true field guide containing photographs of each species together with a brief description of the plant and its local environment.  Further; each species contains the flowering time and also local maps of sites where the reader may find them. I have found this particular book to be perfect for anyone visiting the SW of WA during the wildflower season. As the Author states “Be Warned! If you purchase this book you may become as addicted to finding, and photographing, native orchids….”


Linder, H P and Kurzweil, Hubert
Orchids of Southern Africa

Balkema, 1999, ISBN 90 5410 445 7
An authoritative work in the fullest sense of the words. At A4 size and almost 500 pages long, it is definitely not a pocket guide. The impressive coverage and the excellent quality of the photographs put this book in the top class. It contains distribution maps for each species and a huge amount of background information as well as descriptions. It includes some DNA study results too. Out of print


Scanlen, Eric and St George, Ian
Colour Field Guide to the Native Orchids of New Zealand
3rd ed. New Zealand Native Orchid Group, 2011
This book includes photographs and descriptions of all New Zealand’s native orchids
Available from www.nativeorchids.co.nz - target price NZ$20 plus postage


Stephenson, Alan W.
Orchid species of the Shoalhaven
Self published ISBN 978-0-9581679-1-8

A 55 page illustrated booklet written and photographed by the author. The book covers all the species found in the Shoalhaven district South of Sydney.  The author is a well known and very highly respected native orchid enthusiast.  The photographs are superb.  A great booklet to assist in the identification of orchids found in the covered region.  The booklet is not expensive and is available from the Author by email contact:  affine@tpg.com.au



Upton,Walter T.
Sarcochilus Orchids of Australia
Distributed by Florilegium (www.florilegium.com.au)
Self published ISBN 0 646 09734 2

If you can get hold of this book it is worthwhile for the Sarcochilus grower, being the classic book on the subject by the late Wal Upton OAM DFM.  Wal has covered all the Sarcochilus species and allied Sarcanthinae to be found in Australia, with descriptions, and immense amounts of information together with his own superb botanical line drawings.  Also covered are natural and man-made hybrids and also intergeneric hybrids.  Chapters on pollination and seed raising, and culture are also contained within.  This book is a must for anybody interested in the Australian Sarcanthinae. Worth hunting for.


Orchid Families

Cribb, Phillip
The Genus Cypripedium
Kew Publishing, 2009, ISBN 978 1 84246 222 5
An authoritative monograph covering the history, biology, conservation, cultivation and classification of all Cypripedium species recognised when the book went to print, complete with 97 colour photographs and 26 superb paintings.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £73
Reprint reviewed in JHOS 5 [2]: 42 (2008) Click here to view .pdf


Frosch, Werner and Cribb, Phillip
Hardy Cypripedium: Species, Hybrids and Cultivation
Kew Publishing, 2012 ISBN 978 1 84246 464 9
Follows on from Cribb’s monograph on the Genus Cypripedium, covers natural and artificial hybrids, copiously illustrated with photographs and distribution maps.
Reviewed in JHOS 10 [2]: 67 (2013) Click here to view .pdf
Excellent photography throughout
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £30


Kretzschmar, H; Eccarius, W and Dietrich, H
The Orchid Genera Anacamptis, Orchis and Neotinea
EchinoMedia, 2007, ISBN 978 3 937107 12 7
Detailed study of the many species formerly considered to be members of ‘Orchis’, with detailed photography and distribution maps.
Review in JHOS 5 [1]: 27 (2008) Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £90


Pedersen, Henrik and Faurholdt, Niels
Ophrys: the Bee Orchids of Europe
Kew Publishing, 2007, ISBN 978 1 84246 152 5
Recognises 19 species, 6 sub-species and five hybrid aggregates across Europe, does not cover Asia Minor, Cyprus or North Africa.
Reviewed in JHOS 5 [1]: 29 (2008) Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £36


Pridgeon, Alec & others
Genera Orchidacearum 4: Epidendroideae (Part 1)
Oxford University Press
ISBN 978-0-19-850712-3
Reviewed in JHOS 3 [3]: 77 (2006) Click here to view .pdf


Cultivation of Hardy Orchids

Blombery Alec M. & Maloney, Betty
Growing Australian Orchids
Kangaroo Press ISBN 0 86417 915 4

72 pages of worthwhile information on how to grow Australian Native Orchids. The book contains commonly cultivated epiphytes, terrestrials and both cool and tropical types.  The photographs and excellent drawings enhance the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  This book has both words and pictures which have more than enough information to assist the grower of Australian Native Orchids, both novice and experienced.



Cribb, Phillip and Bailes, Christopher
Hardy Orchids: Orchids for the Garden and Frost-free Greenhouse
C Helm, 1989, ISBN 0 7470 0416 1
162 pages providing a general introduction to most of the orchids that HOS deals with. Very useful all-round book on cultivation of hardy and near hardy terrestrial orchids - a definite must for the amateur grower. Written in plain jargon-free English with good drawings and photos.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £23


Seaton, Philip and Ramsay, Margaret
Growing Orchids from Seed
RBG Kew, 2005 ISBN 1 84246 091 9
Reasonably priced very useable book for everyone who is contemplating growing orchids from seed.
Reviewed in JHOS 2 [4]: 125 (2005) Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £11


Seaton, Philip; Cribb, Phillip; Ramsay, Margaret and Haggar, John
Growing Hardy Orchids
RBG Kew, 2011, ISBN 978 1 84246 175 4
An essential tool for anyone wanting to grow hardy orchids from seed.
Reviewed in JHOS 9 [3]: 49 (2012) Click here to view .pdf
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £12.50


Tullock, John
Growing Hardy Orchids

Timber Press, Oregon 2005 ISBN 0-88192-715-5
Focus on American orchids
Reviewed in JHOS 3 [1]: 28 (2006) Click here to view .pdf


Turville,  Wayne 
Practical Guide to Australian Orchid Growing
Of Australian Orchid Nursery (AON)   (Self published)

This 62 page booklet generally contains basic knowledge, but then again it also contains a lot of very useful snippets of information. For the novice grower, it would be invaluable.  To quote the author, “Written for everybody from the absolute amateur through to the hardened native orchid nut this book fills a huge void in orchid literature. Simple, easy to understand language, lots of pictures, and glorious examples of the some of the finest native orchids ever photographed both in nature and at orchid shows. 64 pages in full colour. Cost in 2013 $12.00, Postage is $3.00 within Australia and $6 overseas.” Available from Wayne at the nursery. (www.australianorchids.com.au)



Thompson, Robert
Close-Up & Macro: A Photographer's Guide
David and Charles
ISBN 0 7153 1903 5
Reviewed in JHOS 4 [1]: 18 (2007) Click here to view .pdf



Darwin, Charles
On the Various Contrivances by which British and Foreign Orchids are Fertilised by Insects
Cambridge UP, 2011, ISBN 978 1 108 02715 1
This modern reprint of Charles Darwin's 1877 publication details the unique and fascinating pollination mechanisms of many orchid species. Not only is this a fascinating read for anyone interested in orchids, but clearly illustrates Darwin's acute observational skill, attention to detail and powers of scientific deduction.
Available from major Internet suppliers - target price £25