Informative Photographic Display Photographic Competition

Unfortunately the ongoing restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic prevented us from holding the planned Autumn Meeting at Kidlington on 8th November 2020. However, we are running this online event with a series of video talks based on narrated PowerPoint presentations. Digital versions of the 2020 Photographic Competition and the Informative Photographic Display (formerly Scientific Show) are also included.

Programme for Kidlington Online 2020

Video Presentations
Photographic Judge's Report
Jon Evans
44 minutes
pdf with Comments on All of the Photographic Competition Entries
Display of winning images in all classes
How did the Frog Orchid get it’s English (and French) name?
Alan Gendle
pdf & webpage
Musings on Lady Orchid Flowers Mike Gasson pdf & webpage
Crab Spider Tom Turner pdf & webpage

Marsh Orchids in Western Ireland
Simon Tarrant
(9 minutes)

Orchid Season Update
Sean Cole
(15 minutes)

Orchids of Sandscale Haws
Alan Gendle
(10 minutes)

Identifying Orchids in Winter
Mike Waller & Sean Cole
(14 minutes)

Geitonogamy in Epipactis: Having your Cake and Eating it
Richard Bateman
(45 minutes)

Orchids Round the Mediterranean
Celia Wright
(35 minutes)
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