HOS Annual Plant Show 2008

Here are photographs of the first prize winning plants from the HOS Annual Plant Show 2008, which was held during the Spring Meeting at Kidlington.

Thanks are due to Mike Gasson for finding time to point his digital camera at the winning plants shown below.

All pictures have been provided by HOS members, who retain the copyright to their pictures.

None of the pictures may be reproduced without the photographer's permission.


Class 2:


3 Pots, native European (non native to Britain) orchids, distinct varieties




                         Serapias godfreryi        Anacamptis papilonacea      Serapicamptis triloba                         


Richard Manuel


Class 3:


3 Pots, non-European, distinct varieties




           Pleione chunii                    Pleione yunnanensis    Pleione grandiflora (colour form cross)



Kath & Peter Fairhurst


Class 4:


3 pots hardy orchids, any country of origin, distinct varieties




      Anacamptis morio                     Pterostylis curta               Serapias olbia x cordigera



Michael Powell


Class 7:


Non-European hardy orchid

One pot



Disa 'Unilangley'



Ron Bowler

Class 9:


Orchis, Anacamptis or Neotinea

One pot



Anacamptis papilionacea



Richard Manuel

Class 10:



One pot



Ophrys garganica



Deborah Parsons & Ian Gill


Class 11:



 One pot



Serapias olbia x neglecta


Michael Powell

Class 12:



 One pot



Cypripedium formosanum


Michael Powell

Class 14:



One pot



Pleione Berapi 'Purple Sandpiper'


Maren Talbot



Class 15:


Beginners' Class

One pot any hardy orchid



Anacamptis morio x longicornu


Deborah Parsons & Ian Gill










Anacamptis papilionacea


Richard Manuel