HOS Annual Plant Show 2007

Here are photographs of the first prize winning plants from the HOS Annual Plant Show 2007, which was held during the Spring Meeting at Kidlington.

Thanks are due to Mike Gasson & Malcolm Brownsword for finding time to point their digital cameras at the winning plants shown below.

All pictures have been provided by HOS members, who retain the copyright to their pictures.

None of the pictures may be reproduced without the photographer's permission.


Class 1:


6 Pots, distinct varieties




Serapias lingua x bertolonii            Pterostylis 'Hoodwick'                   Pleione   Stromboli Fireball'       




Pleione 'Askis'



Kath & Peter Fairhurst


Class 3:


'European' but not 'British'

3 pots, distinct varieties




Neotinea (Orchis) tridentata      Serapias olbia x cordigera    Orchis (Aceras) anthropophora



Michael Powell


Class 4:


'Non-European' 3 pots,

distinct varieties




Pleione 'Versailles'                             Pleione 'Captain Hook'                Pleione 'Gerry Mundey'



Malcolm Brownsword


Class 5:


Any countries 3 pots, distinct varieties




Ophrys x emmae             Ophrys lutea x speculum                Ophrys sicula



Michael Powell


Class 6:



One pot



Anacamptis (Orchis) laxiflora



Malcolm Brownsword

Class 7:


'European' but not 'British'

One pot



x Sericamptis triloba



Richard Manuel

Class 8:



One pot



Satyrium corrifolium



J Godett


Class 10:



One pot



Anacamptis (Orchis) papilionacea var. rubra


Barry Tattersall


Class 11:



One pot




Ophrys sicula


Alex Jeans


Class 12:



One pot



Serapias x intermedia

(Serapias lingua x neglecta)


Richard Manuel



Class 14 & BEST IN SHOW:


'Any other genus'

One pot



Calanthe discolor


Malcolm Brownsword