HOS Scientific Show  

The show will be a non-competitive event and members are encouraged to bring up to three separate displays.  Contributions must be contained within an area equal to A2 and ideally should be mounted on a board, up to A2 size.  Each contribution may consist of one, or more, photographs and up to 200 words of description/explanation.  The text should be large enough for people to read easily but not so large that it dominates the display. Contributions will be displayed on boards in the main hall so they can be viewed throughout the day.  The display format will be finalised when the number of contributions is known. Please ensure your name is included on the display. Please let Neil Evans know, by 5th November 2019, how many contributions you intend to bring.  The contributions should be of a scientific nature and examples of such images may include, but are not restricted to:

An ultra-close image showing features not readily seen by the human eye
A pollinator visiting a flower
A predator consuming a pollinator
A herbivore consuming a plant
Mycorrhizal fungi infecting orchid roots
Seeds and seedlings; germinating pollen
Anatomical sections
Stained chromosomes

If you wish to contribute to the show but are unable to attend the meeting at Kidlington please contact Neil Evans to discuss ways of getting your contribution to the meeting.