New to orchids

This page is included in order to assist people who are new to orchids with the names and nomenclature used in the website and literature. Usually orchids are referred to by their Latin  names, which appear in italics because common names vary from district to district and country to country. All the Latin names appear in alphabetical order in the Photographs section. In this table former names are in (brackets).

Common Name

Latin name

Autumn Lady's Tresses

Spiranthes spiralis  

Bee Orchid

Ophrys apifera

Bird's-nest Orchid

Neottia nidus-avis

Bog Orchid

Hammarbya paludosa

Broad-leaved Helleborine

Epipactis helleborine

Burnt Orchid (or Burnt-tip Orchid)

Neotinea (Orchis) ustulata

Common Spotted Orchid

Dactylorhiza fuchsii

Common Twayblade

Neottia (Listera) ovata

Coral-root Orchid

Corallorhiza trifida  

Creeping Lady's Tresses

Goodyera repens

Dark Red Helleborine

Epipactis atrorubens

Dense-flowered Orchid

Neotinea maculata

Dune Helleborine

Epipactis dunenesis

Early Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza incarnata

Early Purple Orchid

Orchis mascula

Early Spider Orchid

Ophrys sphegodes

Fen Orchid

Liparis loeselii

Fly Orchid

Ophrys insectifera

Fragrant Orchid

Gymnadenia conopsea

Frog Orchid

Dactylorhiza (Coeloglossum)  viridis

Ghost Orchid

Epipogium aphyllum

Greater Butterfly Orchid

Platanthera chlorantha

Green-flowered Helleborine

Epipactis phyllanthes

Green-winged Orchid (or Green-veined Orchid)

Anacamptis (Orchis) morio

Heath Fragrant Orchid

Gymnadenia borealis

Heath Spotted Orchid

Dactylorhiza maculata

Hebridean Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza ebudensis

Irish Lady's Tresses

Spiranthes romanzoffiana

Irish Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza occidentalis

Jersey Orchid

Anacamptis laxiflora

Lady Orchid

Orchis purpurea

Lady's Slipper Orchid

Cypripedium calceolus

Late Spider Orchid

Ophrys fuciflora

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Platanthera bifolia

Lesser Twayblade

Neottia (Listera) cordata

Lizard Orchid

Himantoglossum hircinum  

Man Orchid

Orchis (Aceras) anthropophora

Marsh Fragrant Orchid

Gymnadenia densiflora

Marsh Helleborine

Epipactis palustris

Military Orchid

Orchis militaris

Monkey Orchid

Orchis simia

Musk Orchid

Herminium monorchis

Narrow-lipped Helleborine

Epipactis leptochila

Narrow-leaved Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza traunsteineroides

Northern Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza purpurella

Pyramidal Orchid

Anacamptis pyramidalis

Red helleborine

Cephalanthera rubra

Small-flowered Tongue Orchid

Serapias parviflora

Small White Orchid

Pseudorchis albida

Southern Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza praetermissa

Sword-leaved Helleborine

Cephalanthera longifolia

Violet Helleborine

Epipactis purpurata

White Helleborine

Cephalanthera damasonium


           Sketch of the anatomy of an Orchis                                 Sketch of the anatomy of an Ophrys