35 mm Projector -

We have a Rolleivision twin MSC 535P, which takes standard straight 50 slide cassettes.
Twin lenses allow fast or slow dissolving time between slides according to the wish of the presenter.
Slide change is by cordless remote control with an integral laser pointer.
Focussing is automatic.

Digital projector -

We have a Canon XEED SX6. This is a high output, high definition projector with a native resolution of 1400 X 1050 pixels.  The best best quality will be obtained if presentations use images etc at this resolution or higher.

HOS has a simple wireless remote control with laser pointer for use by presenters.

HOS Computer -

We have a Dell XPS M1530 laptop running Windows Vista Premium.   Presentations can be downloaded from CDs, DVDs or USB drives.  It would be preferable to load them well in advance so that they can be checked before the meeting.

Presentation Software -

Whatever presentation software you use, we recommend that you 'embed fonts' if the font that you want does not appear in the list below.  This ensures ensures that all the fonts used in the presentation are included when your presentation is saved.  In their absence, substitute fonts will be used which can destroy the formatting of the presentation.

Autorun CDs from programmes such as Pro Show Gold and Photo to Exe run without problems.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

General advice -

Installed font list

The installed fonts normally include, bold and italic variations.

Aharoni Bold, Andalus, Angsana New & UPC, Arial,

Batang, Blackadder, Bradley Hand, Browallia,

Calibri, Cambria, Century Gothic, Comin Sana, Consolas, Constantina, Copper plate, Corbel, Cordia New & UPC, Courier, Courier New, Curlz MT,

Daun Pehn, David, DFKai-SB, Dillenia UPC, Dok Champa,

Edwardian Script, Engravers MT, Eras Demi & Light, Estrangelo Edessa, Eucrosial UPC, Emphemia, Eurostile,

FangSong, Felix Titling, Franklin Gothic, FrankRuehl, Freesia UPC, French Script MT,

Gautami, Georgia, Gisha, Gulim,

Impact, Iris UPC, Iskoola Pota,

Jasmine UPC, Jokerman, Juice ITC,

KaiTi, Kalinga, Kartika, Kodchiang UPC, Kristen ITC,

Latha, Leelawadee, Levenim MT, Lily UPC, Lucida Console & Sans,

Maiandra GD, Malgun Gothic, Mangal, Matisee ITC, Meiryo, Microsoft (Himalaya, JhengHei, Sans Serif, Uigher, YaHei & Yi Baiti), MingLiU, Miriam, Mistral, Modern, Mongolian Baiti, MoolBoran, MS (Gothic, Mincho & Referenece), MT Extra, MV Boli,

Narkissim, Nyala,

OCR A Extended,

Palatino Linotype, Papyrus, Perpetua, Plantagenet Cherokee,

Raavi, Rockwell, Rod, Roman,

Script, Segoe (Print, Script & UI), Shruti, SimHei, Simplified Arabic, SimSun, Sylfaen,

Tahoma (font for our website), Tempus Sans, Times New Roman, Traditional Arabic, Trebuchet

Verdana, Vringa,

Webdings, Wingdings 2 & 3