HOS Discussion Forum   

The HOS maintains an on-line Hardy Orchid Discussion Forum which is accessible only to members. This provides opportunities for rapid communication and exchange of information related to any aspect of hardy orchids. As well as being a closed e-mail group, the site also provides a secure area on the internet where members can put photos or other files, whether to publicise an orchid topic or to seek assistance with identification. Messages posted on the Forum are moderated by members of the HOS committee.

Membership of the Forum is by invitation which can be provided on application to the Membership Secretary.

We do not post messages which have photographs either as attachments or embedded in the email. Our reasons for this are twofold. The first is that Yahoo very often strips out attachments automatically. The second and more important one is that we will not send large files to all members as many have extremely narrow broadband access and become irritated if their in-boxes are clogged up with large downloads.

What we ask of all members is that photographs and other attachments are loaded directly onto the Forum where you can create your own folders for the purpose. Then simply post a message on the Forum to alert members to new content in your folder. If you wish to respond to a particular post only to the sender, then use Forward rather than Reply, which will enable you to put the specific email address in the address box.

For detailed instructions on how to create a folder on the forum and load your photos CLICK HERE