HOS Field Trips   

Numerous one-day outdoor meetings are arranged all over the country during the “orchid season”. These meetings are usually led by members of the Society and the programme for the year is published in the January issue of the HOS Journal (JHOS) and on this website. Reports from the field trips are published in JHOS. These field trips are for HOS members only.

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HOS Field Trips 2019

These Field Trips are for Members Only. Accompanying spouses/partners must also be members; it only costs £3 to upgrade to family membership. You may be asked to show your membership card so please take it with you.

Saturday 27th April: Purbeck, Dorset
Leader: David Hughes, email: dhughes@hardyorchidsociety.org
Primarily to see Ophrys sphegodes which are there in their tens of thousands.

Saturday 18th May: Chappett’s Copse, Hampshire
Leaders: Rosemary Webb & Nigel Johnson, e-mail: hosdis@hardyorchidsociety.org
To see Narrow-leaved Helleborine, Large-white Helleborine and perhaps their hybrid, Bird’s-nest Orchid and Fly Orchid.

Saturday 8th June: Bedfordshire
Leader: Richard & Geraldine Hogg, e-mail: hogg@hardyorchidsociety.org
We will probably visit three sites to see Common Spotted-orchids (CSO), Southern Marsh-orchids (SMO), hybrid CSO × SMO, Bee Orchids, Common Twayblades, plus some rarer orchids (depending on the sites visited).

Saturday 15th June: Minchinhampton & Rodborough Commons, Gloucestershire
Leaders: Colin & Angela Scrutton and Maureen & Nigel Denman,
e-mail: hosch@hardyorchidsociety.org
The commons support a rich flora of orchids including Common Spotted, Common Twayblade, Common Fragrant, Bee, Pyramidal, and Frog. Musk Orchid is a possibility and the belgarum and trolli varieties of Bee Orchid may also be found. If time permits we may also visit Selsley Common.

Saturday 22nd June: Hartlepool, Co. Durham
Leader: Alan Gendle, e-mail: AGendle@hardyorchidsociety.org
This site contains the only site for Dactylorhiza purpurella var. atrata in England. The numbers of this variety seem to be decreasing as the zinc contamination is diluted by rain water. The Zinc works shutdown 50 years ago and Hartlepool Nuclear Power station was built on the site. There are four Marsh-orchids on the site, also Pyramidal Orchid, Common Twayblade, Common Spotted-orchid and if you are lucky Bee Orchid.

Sunday 23rd June: Cumbria
Leader: Alan Gendle, e-mail: AGendle@hardyorchidsociety.org
I intend to be on home ground with a trip to Little Asby SSSI for Small-white Orchid and lots of Dactylorhiza species and their hybrids. Then we will visit Waitby Greenriggs Reserve where I am the Hon. Manager. Here we should manage to see at least eight species and sub species.

Sunday 30th June: Noar Hill, Hampshire
Leaders Rosemary Webb & Nigel Johnson, email: hosdis@hardyorchidsociety.org
To see Common Spotted-orchid, Chalk Fragrant-orchid, Pyramidal Orchid, Frog Orchid, Fly Orchid and Musk Orchid.